PFDMA Membership Information

The PFDMA Mission:

PFDMA is an industry association dedicated to increasing life jacket wear in all appropriate activities: Through education, product innovation, standards development, and enhancing communication between members and stakeholders.

PFDMA Advantages

  • Promotes the use of PFDs & Life Jackets
  • Shares information on topics that affect the PFD business
  • Presents a united front on issues affecting the PFD industry
  • Develops new contacts and supplier relationships
  • Keeps members updated on regulations standards and regulations developments

Benefits of Membership

  • Discount rate for the Annual PFDMA Conference
  • Opportunities to serve on PFDMA Committees and Task Forces, and vote on PFDMA matters
  • Regular mailings and Industry Alerts regarding important PFD matters
  • NMMA Washington Wave & Currents newsletters (covering the latest recreational boating industry news)
  • Access to Members Only section of the PFDMA Website

Membership Types/Rates

Corporate/PFD Industry Member (voting members) -- $400

Available to manufacturers of organizations that manufacture of import PFDs, Life Jackets or components therof. Members are eligible to: be elected to the PFDMA board; participate on committees, task forces, and working groups; and have voting privileges. Members receive a discounted rate for the PFDMA's Annual Conference.

Affiliate/Laboratory/Supporting Member (non-voting members) -- $300

This membership type is available to PDF and non-PFD industry members whose marine safety sector sales are less than 50% of annual sales (typically raw material and/or component suppliers). Affiliate Members may participate on committees, task forces, and working groups. Members receive a discounted rate for PFDMA's Annual Conference.

Government/Non-Profit/Individual Members (non-voting members) -- $150

Available to members of government agencies, non-profit affiliate organizations, and individuals interested in advancing the mission of the PFDMA, and who are not employed by an entity involved in the marine industry. Members receive a discounted rate for PFDMA's Annual Conference.

Contact Nakia Hunt at for application form and further inforamtion.