Consolidated PFD Standard

Consolidated Standard for Wearable PFDs Initiative

Below are groups of documents detailing PFDMA's effort to advance a consolidated standard for wearable lifejackets. Some are background materials, and others are posted to solicit member input on the direction of the project. Please note the due dates on current proposals and provide your comments or concurrence accordingly.

Input requested on Consolidated Lifejacket Standard

Comments due: December 31, 2008

Item 1 below requests PFDMA member input on the approach and work plan for accomplishing the lifejacket consolidation and harmonization effort (Item 2), which was assembled by the Consolidated Standards Task Group (CSTG) as a result of the comments received on the May 16, 2008 letter from the PFDMA Board of Directors.

1-TG-Ltr to PFDMA on Consolidated-NAm-Std-081203(scan).pdf


Updates on Progress on Consolidated Lifejacket Standard

The Consolidated Standards Task Group has been meeting on a regular basis. Highlights of the discussions can be found in the following document(s).


Background on Consolidated Lifejacket Standard

May 21, 2008 PFDMA Consolidated Standard Path Forward

In a letter dated May 21, 2008 to its membership, the PFDMA Board of Directors recommended support of an effort to consolidate wearable PFD standards through ISO harmonization with national differences. Within this letter, three potential options (labeled A, B, and C) are discussed. The five items listed below provide background on what these options may entail.

Standard Content and Structure - Option A Background

PFDRRA Models for PFDs 05-05-08 - Option B Background

080208a-STP-Rpt-Consolidated Standard Outline Task Grouop - Option C Background

080114-ISO-Pt5-Consolidated Comparison Table

PFDMA Board of Directors